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For self-defense: do groin attacks really work?

I'm in a women's self-defense class, and there's a lot of techniques targeted at the groin (which I'm sure is no surprise to anyone.) Every guy friend I've spoken to always says stuff like "If a woman tried that on me, I'd block it...." or "...I'd catch the leg and then......blah blah blah....beat the tar out of her." Or they say stuff like "It wouldn't work if a guy had his adrenaline running."

The instructors teach us that guys protect it instinctively, but then, people protect their eyes instinctively too, and they teach us eye pokes. No one ever claims those wouldn't work. Why all of the reactions?

So, does anyone know from experience or witnessing, are groin attacks really an effective technique to learn? I imagine that any oppurtunity could present itself in a struggle, but will adrenaline really stop a good solid hit or grab to the balls?

For self-defense: do groin attacks really work?
Yes, they are very effective.

Good luck
Reply:OH GOD YES. As a man I speak from being hit there.
Reply:The situation depends on instincts. Where is the attacker standing and how close is he? Just under the nose is a deadly and sensitive spot to use the side of the palm in an upward sweep. Kicking out knee caps will immobilize.

The groin shots are good for when one is grabbed from behind.
Reply:Sure they'll block it or grab your leg. Try it on them one time. They're just talking smack.

But to answer your question, yes a groin attack is very effective.
Reply:Although it mostly depends on the reflexes and the intincts of the attacked as well as his power of observation, I have to say yes mostly they work.
Reply:When i was in a fight with my sisters ex bofriend i kicked him in the nuts, unfortunately i wasn't too good at it.

In theory and practice, it is a good idea to kick the guy in the nuts if being attacked.
Reply:I think it is dangerous to teach a woman that all she has to do is hit a man in the groin. It gives women a false sense of security. More little boys than little girls learn martial arts. Chances are he's going to know what you're going to do. A woman's best protection is to make sure she has protection when she's going out at night or when she is going into an area where she could be hurt.
Reply:Striking a man in the groin is not likely to incapitate him. It will cause severe pain but it will not prohibit him from fighting in a dangerous situation. A woman would need to know a lot more than merely how to hit a man in the groin.

If the man knows how to fight, it will not be that easy to strike him in the groin. He is not likely to be standing straight in a welcoming manner. He will of course also expect it when in a fight with a female, assisting him in defending himself.

If you are a female wanting to know how effective it is, it would be comparable to a powerful strike to the vulva. A lot of people are not aware of this as it is not portrayed in the media so here are some sources confimning it:

It is also worth noting that if a male is looking to assault a female, he is most likely wearing a groin guard, thus negating the entire idea of striking the groin.
Reply:Adrenalin will stop an attack to the balls. Because it takes at least two minutes or more before the male goes under. However the trick is to let him how good his is, if necessary encourage penetration. But once in control, grab the balls , never let go, squeeze hard, he Will then pass out, and then you will know the benefits of being woman.
Reply:Your question is about self defense. First you must understand true defense will come from understanding concepts and realistic training scenarios rather than knowing a collection of techniques designed for "if...then" situations. That said, groin techniques can be PART of effective defense, but NOT the core or base that defense should be built around. A strike to the groin is uncomfortable (quite painful in fact) and will likely produce a predictable response from an attacker. This strike however IS NOT a situation ending blow. You must use the predictable response from the attacker to further your defense (place yourself in a better position and escape). Adrenaline can help a man to ignore the pain of a groin strike, but his initial reaction is still likely to give you a response that may aid you in further self defense tactics. As for squeezing the groin until he passes out? This situation is unlikely. The rape scenario for which this has been suggested will place the attacker in a top position making his striking to your face a point of concern. He will likely fight back by pounding you in the face until you let go and fracture the bones of your face. For the rape scenario I suggest you learn as much about the guard position and how to protect yourself in it from experienced grapplers.

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  1. It all depends how good the girl is. My friend Jess has a sister who is only 13 and she's a brown belt in karate and is very cocky about it no pun intended as you'll see in shortly. Recently my girlfriend and I were picking her up at karate and I guess got there a little early and she was sparring a kid about 6 inches taller, 50 lbs heavier, and 7 yrs older. I saw her wink to her friend right before and he came running at her and so quick she fell to her back and thrust her bare foot up so fast and you could see the ball of her foot trap his nuts against his bodyt and left it there trapping his balls as she was embarrassingly talking shit to him. Everyone in the room stopped and looked and of course all the girls started laughing even the hot female instructor as she kept saying she taught her well and that men's weakness is our balls "especially right under, your toes should connect and cradle right up and under his sack with hard force and watch him drop because he'll be done out of commission. I used to think she over exaggerated until one day she showed me all the different angles she learned to kick a guy and I couldn't believe some of the ways she was able to potentially kick a guy in the balls. There were shots that were not even physically possible and everytime because she was barefoot I knew they were on target because her toes stopped right before and tapped right underneath my balls. At the end she gave me just a half strength bsck kick with the ball her foot hit not to hard hut then pushed me back then I looked down to late and saw a flash of black from her yoga pants and then red from her newly pedicured toes. She's def girl I wouldn't mess with, Her ball kicks r so hard and direcly on target. Last year at school a boy war being mean to her friend snd kicked him the balls an they went into his stomach. She said "I wiggled my toes and felt nothing. Those r few ofa lot of stories she has