Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why are the testicles outside of the body?

Of all of the organs in the human body, the only ones that are completely outside are the testicles. This does not seem to make any sense, unless evolution had women's self-defense programs, like model mugging, in mind. Is there a biological reason for this, or is God just a feminist?

Why are the testicles outside of the body?
Good question...

According to a previous best answer to the same question:

"To maintain the low temperature, so the temperature is cooler than our body. Sperm will die in heat."

Seems like a reasonable answer to me.

(But I think your theory is pretty darn funny!) :D
Reply:It's just the way that God created everyone.
Reply:To let them hang free
Reply:Because sperm needs a lower tempurature than body tempurature to keep swimming! The testes are on the outside because it would be too warm for them inside!
Reply:I remeber my Biology teacher once saying it was to keep them colder than the rest of the body.
Reply:The sperm is highly sensitive to temperature and needs a temperature of about 35C to properly mature. The body's temperature is 37C on average so the testicles are outside the body.
Reply:To keep them a couple of degrees below normal body temperature as this is the optimum for sperm production and storage.
Reply:The body core is too hot to produce sperm. It need to be about 2 deg. cooler to produce sperm so they are hanging in the breeze.
Reply:Well, I do know that the testicles have to be cooler than the body to produce sperm.

But you you want to talk about unfairness in nature? Try breasts that require a binding bra, or periods for your ENTIRE adult life, or childbirth, or yeast infections. Or the fact that you have to cook and clean while he sits on a recliner and belches.
Reply:There IS a biological reason for this. If the testicles are too warm for some reason, they produce few, if any sperm. Being outside the body, the temperature is easier for the body to regulate. At least, that's what I picked up along the way. So, if you keep sitting in hot tubs too much, you may wonder why you can't get your wife pregnant? But don't try to use this as a birth control means, as it isn't reliable.(^_^)
Reply:Because if testicles get too hot, sperm is no good.
Reply:to keep your penis from getting crap on it? No, seriously, it's all temperature - your balls gotta be a couple degrees colder than the normal body temperature to produce the best sperm. Further, your skin (the largest human organ) is outside too. Sounds like you either just got kicked in the nuts or did the kicking . . . either way, not cool.
Reply:Ok testicles need to remain colder than 37 degrees, but why does puberty exist ? So it can keep them warm?
Reply:Temperature control, when it is very cold they go up

into the warmer body, when it is hot they extend down to keep cooler.
Reply:There is actually a muscle, the cremaster muscle, that keeps the testes the right distance form the body to maintain the best temperature for spermatogenesis.
Reply:Sperms need a low temperature to be produced.

well, if the testicles were not external how would:

a) doctors hold them when you cough to check for hernia

b) police search them for drugs or weapons

c) sex partners fondle, lick and suck them

d) enemies kick them

e) mothers bathe them

f) the guys in the locker room know how big yours are

g) anyone know you have b@lls

and on and on


But seriously the grand design of sperm being produced down there and sperm production requiring an optimum temperature just slightly under body temperature, necessitate they be external for heating and cooling purposes.


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  1. This is not based on logic.

    Why can't women base things on logic?